Mountain view toward Breitind, Store Hesten, and Mefjorden on the island of Senja in Northern Norway

Adventure in the heart of Senja

Experience the best of Northern Norway:
Using Legendary Lodge as your base, you can enjoy the sea, mountains, beaches, fishing villages and the inland – all within a couple of hours’ drive. Right off the doorstep is one of the world’s best fishing areas, and a major habitat for white-tailed eagles.

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Idyllic Senja is Norway’s second largest island (1569 km2) and is often described as «a Norway in miniature» because most of Norway’s great variety in natural characteristics are found here.

Along the outer (western) coastline, especially in the north, are jagged, majestic mountains as far as the eye can see. The summits shooting up from narrow, deep fjords and the open sea is a mighty sight.

Located at 69° North, Senja is also a paradise for ski- og outdoor enthusiasts in search of perfect mountains and spectacular nature.


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