Getting here

The Lodge is located at Stønnesbotn, on the island Senja in Northern Norway. The distance from Finnsnes is approximately 45 kilometers, in direction Botnhamn. There are several alternative route options for getting here, most of them via Finnsnes, the closest city. We’ll arrange your transportation on request!

How to get here

We offer a pick-up service from Finnsnes and Lysnes. If this is of interest, please contact us well in advance.

If you’re looking to rent a car, we’d be happy to assist! Don’t miss out on our 10% discount deal on rentals from Hertz.

Worth noting if you’re new to the area:

  • Closest city: Finnsnes
  • Closest airport: Bardufoss
  • Alternative airport: Tromsø airport Langnes
  • Alternative airport: Harstad/Narvik airport Evenes
  • Closest gas station: Gibostad (22 km)
  • Closest grocery store / post office: Botnhamn (7 km)

From Tromsø

  • Express boat Tromsø–Lysnes 60 min + 10 min drive 
  • Express boat Tromsø–Finnsnes
  • Hurtigruten voyage Tromsø–Finnsnes 2 h 45 min + 45 min drive
  • Bus or car Tromsø–Finnsnes
  • Ferry Brensholmen (Kvaløya) – Botnhamn (April–August only)

From Bardufoss

  • Rental car via Finnsnes 1 time 30 min drive 
  • Bus via Finnsnes

From Harstad

  • Express boat Harstad–Finnsnes 1 h 45 min + 45 min drive 
  • Hurtigruten voyage Harstad–Finnsnes 3 h 15 min + 45 min drive
  • Bus or car Harstad–Finnsnes

Continuing from Finnsnes

  • Rental car or bus, first over the bridge to Senja, then continue approximately 45 km in direction Botnhamn.

From Andenes (Summer only)

  • Ferry Andenes–Gryllefjord

Time tables